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We use a hands-on, in-your-face, on-site engagement plan with a focus on identifying and implementing simple, dynamic and efficient processes to grow a small business. Using our sustainable growth framework you will build momentum, guaranteed.

Gain control of your future.

Innovation push

Fresh ideas drive companies forward. Innovate often, take chances and have a clear path to success. These principles are the foundation for the hands-on teaching and integrated activities of our process. We encourage a culture of sharing and openness through our two programs:

1. Guidelines for nurturing an open innovative environment

  • The dream team design
  • Building a culture which breeds intensity
  • The decision matrix

2. Defining the path to commercialization

  • The Innovation Framework – a step by step program to expedite product development

Money metrics

Financial visibility is key to making good business decisions. We implement standard financial metrics and reporting modules in an active business dashboard for internal visibility. These are business information reports specifically designed for your bank to keep them up to date on your activities, progress and needs. We use two reports:


  • Business Dashboard – we capture your critical data to populate the Dashboard to guide your actions.
  • Business Information Report – a multi-faceted snapshot identifying key performance indicators like cash-flow characteristics, inventory variables, customer performance, innovation performance, and forecasting.

Exceptional performance

Business performance needs to be planned and executed with precision. The cornerstones of exceptional performance are in business design, technology mapping, market information and financial modelling. We identify and help implement the most streamlined business design, the most flexible processes, and the most cost effective methods or components in order to build a dynamic, fluid and highly flexible business platform for exceptional performance. We’ll help you get started by:


  • Designing sustainable ‘production’ methodologies
  • Identifying the customer-centric ‘hooks’
  • Designing channel partner initiatives
  • Implementing distribution management protocols
  • Creating a service engine for growth

Leader lessons

Business leadership is learned and then earned, and building a strong leadership team is an essential ingredient to success. Our programs are customized to target needs within the leadership team like communication, decision-making, discipline and performance. We leverage leader-specific training modules to expedite growth of an individual, while providing day-to-day performance templates to encourage active participation toward personal enrichment. Our performance templates:


  • Measure and report on team performance
  • Assist with personal and team goal setting
  • Guide personal and team development planning
  • Provide feedback tools to drive change
  • Create effective communication and messaging

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