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We are seasoned professionals and experts in all requirements and standards related to the Electronic Products Recycling Association (EPRA), ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007. We are actively involved in building systems for primary and downstream processors to fulfill the requirements for processor certification and re-certification. Our program offerings are specific to each governing body and are defined to fulfill all legal and operational requirements of each regulated program. We’ll work with you to ensure the most comprehensive and efficient systems are designed and integrated into your facility in the most expeditious manner possible.

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For the EPRA standard: 


  • Program development and implementation: Environmental Health and Safety Management System (EHSMS) program
  • Gap analysis: current EHSMS against Electronics Requirements Standard (ERS)
  • Application development and auditing training
  • Develop and implement workplace training programs
  • Legal requirements reviews (conduct ourselves, or as a broker)
  • EHSMS Risk Assessments
  • Audit program development and auditing as a third party
  • Inspection and sampling program development
  • Downstream processor applications, reviews, renewals
  • Downstream material flow review and verification

For the ISO 14001:2004 standard:


  • Environmental Management System (EMS) design and implementation
  • Aspects and objectives review and creation
  • Legal and other requirements review
  • EMS training and training program development
  • Audit program development and auditing as a third party
  • Nonconformity, corrective and preventive action program development
  • Conduct and coordinate management reviews

For the OHSAS 18001:2007 standard:


  • Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSAS) design and implementation
  • Create and conduct risk assessment programs
  • Legal and other requirements review and design
  • Evaluation of compliance reviews
  • Incident investigation program design
  • Audit program development and design
  • Conduct and coordinate management reviews

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