Lean. Learn. Launch.

We bring a practical approach to engaging the Lean business model. Our three-step guide follows the core concepts of Lean while accelerating the process to stimulate ideas to facilitate change and growth. The path is to quickly identify and eliminate waste in any area or level within an organization. We perform a functional analysis using our L3 Checklist to identify immediate areas to drive cost-benefit improvements.


  • Is there a measurable customer value proposition
  • Has the value stream been mapped
  • Are programs in place to eliminate waste
  • Have customer opportunities been identified
  • Have internal growth opportunities been identified
  • Do we have a system to encourage improvement
  • Are we sprinting toward perfection

Then we define the areas needing immediate triage via a gap analysis and action plan.


  • Introduce the process and financial benefit of a learning environment
  • Introduce in-company activities to stimulate learning
  • Install and train personnel on specific growth modules like 5S Visual Workplace and Process Mapping
  • Take a team approach to implementation for each initiative
  • Leave behind sustainable learning tools customized for the operation

Then we implement issue-specific programs from the Learning module.


  • 5S Visual Workplace program using implementation teams
  • Cost matrix training to continuously monitor cost-benefit performance
  • Innovation Framework – from ideation to commercialization
  • Designing a Sustainable Lean Culture – a framework for continuous communication

Then we set in place the measure parameters to ensure programs progress quickly to help drive sound business decisions.

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